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Dan Gradings Despite Pandemic

Taking all the precautions as directed by the Chief Medical Officers of BC and the Yukon, we have managed to hold one virtual and one in person dan grading during the pandemic. Congratulations to Brandon Kozmen who achieved shodan via a Zoom grading on February 21 and to Ethan McGrath who attained shodan at an IRL grading at UVic November 13.

Ethan's grading was attended by Mike Maxwell, Guido Arnaud, Doug Rathy, Mark Deugau and Jessica Moore of the technical committee. The grading was reviewed via video by Scales Sensei and Ingram Sensei. We are really glad this went ahead as it gives us hope that we can continue despite the limitations Covid has placed on us.

Mike Maxwell, Guido Arnaud, Doug Rathy, Ethan McGrath, Jessica Moore, Mark Deugau.


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