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ShotoCanada Summer Camp
July 14-16

Location. CFB Esquimalt Naden Athletic Centre Upper Gym -  Naden Way, Victoria, BC V9A 6N7


Fri 14 Jul. 5:45 -7 pm - grading assessment/review


Sat 15 Jul. 8: 30 - 3:00. - various, AGM at lunch hour, and Grading 3- 4:30 pm.


Sun 16 Jul. 8 - 3 pm. Kobudo including kata application, Self defence.

Summer Camp Pricing.


• For:  Adult (16+)
  Full Event (ShotoCanada Member) $150.00 
       • Single Day (ShotoCanada Member) $85.00 
• For:  Junior (under 16)
  Full Event (ShotoCanada Member) $125.00 
• For:  Junior (under 16)
  Full Event (3rd or subsequent Family Member)$31.25 
• For:  Adult (16+)
   Full Event (3rd or subsequent Family Member)$37.50 
       • Full Event (Non ShotoCanada Member)$180.00 
       • Single Day (Non ShotoCanada Member)$100.00 


Trackie link-


Accommodation in Victoria is quite expensive during the summer season. Options for accommodation are detailed below - best rates are University of Victoria Dormitory and VRBO.


a. Holiday Inn Express 


b.  Motel 6 (Saanichton near the airport)


c. University of Victoria Dormitory.


d.  VRBO

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