Brown and Black belt seminar November 2018

What a great weekend! For those of you who missed out this weekend, let me give you a recap of what happened. On Friday Night Senseis Mike Scales and Rob Ingram ran a pre-grading class for those grading the next morning or in the near future. They covered some basic technique and Kata. For those lucky enough, they even had some individual feedback.

On Saturday morning we jumped right into the grading. Loads of people showed up for this spectacle. The examinees worked hard to demonstrate their abilities, and stamina. Peter Ove had strong kihon and demonstrated the kate Jitte. He was successful in attaining the rank nidan. For you none karate people, this is the second level of black belt. After the grading was over, the black belts went with Sensei Mike Scales to learn the kata Gojushiho Sho. The brown belts went with Sensei Rob Ingram to work on some kihon. In the afternoon the brown belts learned some of the Tekki Kata and Bassai Dai, while the black belts covered the kata Kanku Sho and Bassai Sho. They also had the opportunity to apply their basic techniques with a partner. When training was over we all headed out for dinner. Who doesn’t like all you can eat Chinese food!

Sunday was another exceptional day of training. The black belts learned new sparring drills to take back to their dojo, and competative sparring. The brown belts learned some kata applications and what to expect from grading fighting. Overall it was an exceptional weekend. For me, it was wonderful to train with my friends and as always a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from some exceptional instructors.

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