Kelowna Grading and Seminar

" Cancellation of our Summer Camp due to unforeseen and unexpected conditions in Okanagans didn't dampen

the enthusiasm of students who trained hard leading up to their exam. Thankfully, our chair of TC Sensei Rob Ingram and our Chief Instructor Sensei Mike Scales came up with a plan to arrange Dan gradings at two locations: Kelowna and Nanaimo.

Here in Kelowna, we've quickly managed to find space at friends Dojo, since our very own was closed for the summer. On Friday July 28, everything was set to start at 6:00 pm. Sensei Scales flight arrived with slight delay, still managed to find time to show me kata "Anan." After that, we were off to testing.

Two students from Jushinkan Martial Art Kelly Grant, Kevin Spradlin, and one student from Coquitlam Shotokan Jason Liao were challenging their Shodan. The group was small, therefor we had enough time to view each one of them on their own.. All three were working very hard and overall, we were pleased with results. Kelly and Jason a full pass, and Kevin to return with few improvements. This was Kevin's first try, just after few months of receiving his first Kyu. At the end, they all left with valuable feedback's, and we Congratulate them all for their fantastic achievements!

We would like to express our gratitude to TC and EC members of ShotoCanada for making this happen. And we truly wish to see the summer camp return to Kelowna sometime in near future! Hopefully then, under the clear skies......

Submitted by:

Sensei Elizabeth Wijnstra

Chief Instructor of Jushinkan Martial Art

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