Thompson-Nicola at the Open

Thompson-Nicola Shotokan Karate Club took five young athletes to their first ever tournament this past weekend. Jaden Harris (6), Kaeli Duchaine-Rodrigue (7), Sklyar Hook (8), Colby Arnett (12) and Madison Condin (12) each competed in Kata and we are very proud of their effort. Colby Arnett and Kaeli Duchaine-Rodrigue placed 5th in their divisions. In honour of Canada 150, there was a Canada Open Karate Kata Mass Demonstration that we all (except Kaeli) participated in. "This was a compilation kata of the 5 largest styles in Canada, celebrating friendship and inclusion of all karate people." (quoted from Karate BC As well, all our students competed in the Flying Side Kick Contest. Kaeli Duchaine-Rodrigue and Madison Condin won Gold Medals for their age group. Our students also met Fumio Demura Sensei (who was the inspiration for the sensei {Mr Miyagi character} in the Karate Kid as well as the actor's stunt double). Family and friends were able to watch thanks to the live streaming of the event. Everyone came back home energized and excited for the next competition.

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