Sensei Mike Scales Seminar in Kelowna, October 29 & 30, 2016

Sunday Grou[

It was an exciting weekend for our two clubs in Interior of British Columbia. Students of Jushinkan Martial Art and students of Thomson Nicola Shotokan Karate Club were in for a treat to be taught during the visit of our Chief Instructor of ShotoCanada, Sensei Mike Scales, 7th dan.

Our Saturday morning session started with warm up, followed by Heian Shodan. And you think that was boring?? Just wait....Sensei started twisting our brain by changing Kata's direction. From opposite to reverse....Then again, he is really good at this, so even some of the higher belts got lost in transition!

After that, Bunkai followed. Poor Jean Rodrique! Sensei Scales was tossing and trowing him around like a sack full of potatoes! Luckily, Sensei Jean is an expert in break falls, so he managed to get up and recover, even at the end of our second session.

At lunch break, we have successfully regenerated our batteries with healthy Pizza's, juices, power bars and fruit snacks. Ready for another round, Sensei covered a few combinations for Jiyu Ippon Kumite, and finished our session by demonstrating some exciting self defense techniques against knife attacks.

Our afternoon finished with two students testing. Kelly Grant challenged his Shodan, just to go home with more homework....He will be back with more experience and knowledge at next ShotoCanada Summer Camp in Kelowna. Kevin Spradlin past his 1st kyu, but also left with some valuable feedback from both Senseis.

Sunday morning was scheduled for one session, and for advanced students only. We had asked Sensei to teach us an Okinawa kata, and he choose Arakaki Sochin. It was amazing to find out how intense that kata can be, and what a fantastic workout is for our upper body, and for our cat stance/neko ashi dachi! It was a nice change from our traditional shotokan katas, and at the same time, it was interesting to learn something that is part of our karate history.

Thank you Sensei Scales for visiting our Dojo, and thank you Jean, Nancy and students of T.N. Shotokan for your support and participation.

We look forward seeing you back next year again!

Sensei Elizabeth Wijnstra

Chief Instructor Jushinkan Martial Art

Down you go!

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