Fall and New Beginings

With the kids going back to school, most of us are starting a new season. it is an exciting time with old friends returning and newbies coming in. Some of you will be teaching for the first time as well. This is a great time for us all to cultivate "shoshin", beginner's mind. Do you recall how you felt when you started karate? That nervousness and anticipation? The determination to learn these difficult techniques and to try hard? What helped you through those first classes, that first year? What did the instructor do or say that helped you along the path? It is good to recall these things when you are teaching your own beginners. And for us old timers returning, shoshin is a way of looking at everything like it is new, to be open to change and adaptation, to not doing the same old thing because that is the way we have always done it. New beginnings for all.

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